Friday, April 4, 2008

The Brothers of Sarum

The Brothers of Sarum(a working name) is meant to be an monastic Anglican Order.

The Vows
The consecrated Brothers may be both lay and clerical though they all must take the three fold vow of chastity, poverty, and obedience, for those Brothers who are ordained to the Priesthood this is not meant to set precedent or standard for the whole of the Anglican body. It is good for monastics to be celibate, and it is good for those men who are called to Marriage and the Priesthood to be both Married and Priests. But as the Brothers are meant to be wandering Brothers it is not good for them to be married as like the Christ "The Son of man has no place to lay His head".

Unlike the non-consecrated layman the Brother is called to an intense life of prayer and evangelization. He is to be an active missionary as the monks of old going out into the world having no place to lay their head, taking with them no more than what can be carried and trusting in the Lord God to provide as they might need. He is called to go wherever he may be sent and speak to who ever will listen to the Lord Jesus through him, thus preaching is an important charism of the Brother. It is incumbent upon him that he know Scripture and the Fathers as he knows his own name, and that he be able to "give a defense" of his faith.

On the Rule
The Rule of the Brothers is as of yet not completed. It is however to reflect within it the Anglican Spirituality which springs forth from Sarum.

Of the Liturgies and Rites used.
The Liturgies and Rites used by the Brothers are to be those of the Ancient Church of Sarum. The Missal used is to be that which is prescribed to the Sarum Mission, and the Liturgy of the Hours are to be that of an authorized translation.

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